Zebra crossings give pedestrians priority

The single traffic lanes and the zebra crossings at the Liebig Street roundabouts have been introduced to calm vehicle traffic movement and to make the street more pedestrian friendly.

Much of the feedback during community consultation for the city centre renewal in 2014 was based around residents wanting the city centre to be more accessible and friendly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Leading urban planners recommend that slowing down vehicle traffic and re-arranging the user hierarchy of the street - placing walkers at the top - helps achieve a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

At traditional roundabouts pedestrians must give way to cars.

At roundabouts with zebra crossings cars must give way to pedestrians.

The roundabouts have been designed with spaces either side of the zebra crossings to provide motorists with room to “stop and prop” before they enter or leave the roundabout.

This has been a significant change from the previous arrangement in which cars had priority along Liebig Street.

Pedestrian crossings at roundabouts have been used in other cities. They have been shown to be effective in slowing down vehicle traffic and making conditions safer for pedestrians.