Why Renew

Meeting the community’s needs and responding to the changing demands of doing business in the 21st century are driving the city centre renewal.

Investing $15 million in the city centre will help ensure we retain a city centre that is alive, thriving and culturally rich.

Infrastructure needs to be renewed and we need to make the city centre a more inviting, accessible place where people want to spend time.

This project is Council’s number one priority.

Council is building a 21st century Warrnambool City Centre.

The Warrnambool City Centre Renewal will

  • create attractive spaces and a destination shopping precinct which will draw people to the city centre where they can enjoy the services and atmosphere and stay longer.
  • encourage economic growth through an increase in job opportunities, property investment and visitor spending;
  • create a safer environment for everyone, especially pedestrians and cyclists with calm traffic conditions, improved visibility and a shared roadway;
  • create a more accessible streetscape so all people, including those with disabilities, the elderly and parents with prams, are able to enjoy the city centre experience; and,
  • improve the function of the city centre with activity nodes, new street furniture, better lighting, smarter use of shop front parking and well-defined links between laneways and off-street car parks.