Water services upgrade – potential water discolouration

Wannon Water is currently undertaking work as part of the Warrnambool City Centre Renewal Project.

This works may cause discolouration of the water supply for a number of customers in the CBD for short periods. 

Whilst this discolouration may be visible, we assure you that the water remains safe to use.   

The work is taking place at the intersections of Lava and Liebig streets and Koroit and Liebig streets. Several sections of ageing water main are being replaced and new valves are being installed during the project.

The project began last Sunday (5 March 2017) and will continue nightly through to early Friday morning (10 March 2017). Works have been scheduled at night to minimise disruptions to businesses and residents.

Customers who are likely to have interruptions to their water supply during the works have already been notified in a separate letter.

However, other customers in the immediate area may also notice that their water is discoloured or cloudy. This can occur first thing each morning when our team flushes the water mains to remove any air pockets and to restore quality for the upcoming day.

If you observe that your water is discoloured, we encourage you to turn a tap on and allow it to run until the water is clear. Please note that it is not advisable to draw hot water while the supply is clearing.

Wannon Water apologises for any inconvenience that you may experience during these works and thank you for your patience. This work was proactively scheduled to take place as part of the City Centre Renewal in an effort to minimise disruption to businesses. It will also help prevent bursts and major interruptions and will ensure the integrity of the system into the future.

For further information, please contact Wannon Water’s Customer Relations Team on 1300 926 666 or email info [at] wannonwater [dot] com [dot] au