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Warrnambool Event Application

Holding a successful and safe event requires careful planning. Events often affect the day-to-day running of the city. They usually involve the public and often involve additional elements such as road closures, pedestrian management, health and local laws considerations and promotional activity.

Events may also require the assistance of public authorities including Victoria Police, public transport providers and emergency services.
Before completing the event application form ensure you read the Event Planning Guide to understand your responsibilities.


Section 1: Event Information
*Please note: if you are planning to host an event at the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens, Lake Pertobe, the Civic Green, sporting ground, recreation reserve or public space, you are required to complete the relevant application form to start the process with Council.
Section 2: Event Application Information
(eg Business/Club/Group Name)
Event Coordinator Details
Section 3: Event Overview
Event Dates/Times
When will you be setting up?
When does your event start?
When does your event finish?
When will you finish packing up?
Event History
Section 4: Event Infrastructure
*Please email an aerial view Site Plan of your event to with the location of each item below that you are planning to include.
Section 5: Traffic Management
*Please note: If you are proposing to close a road or change normal traffic conditions you will be required to apply for a road closure permit and provide a traffic management plan that should be developed by a qualified traffic management company.

If yes, show on your Site Map, or separate Traffic Management Map:

  • What roads and/or car parking bays may be impacted or closed
  • Show the direction /course/usage of the roads including any start/finish areas
  • Show where you suggest the public and participants park
  • Show where you suggest contractors and event staff park


Section 6: Amenities and Services
Section 7: Waste Management

If yes, please read section 5.1 of the Event Planning Guide. A Waste Management Plan will be required – Download a template here

Section 8: Facilities

Please see section 5.2 of the Event Planning Guide for toilet recommendations

Section 9: Food and Beverage

*you or any other persons selling food and/or beverages at your event must be registered via Streatrader.
Please refer to Permit Guide for more information regarding Liquor Licensing.

*you or any other persons selling food and/or beverages at your event must be registered via Streatrader.
Please refer to Permit Guide for more information regarding Liquor Licensing.

Section 10: Entertainment Managment
Section 11: Risk Management
As part of your Risk Management obligation, the evidence of the following must be emailed to : A copy of your Public Liability insurance (Certificate of Currency) which must be valid at the time of your event and provide indemnity for not less than 20 million dollars and Evidence of an assessment of the risks associated with staging your event
Section 12: Additional Information
Section 13: Finalising your event application

To be read and signed by authorised Event Coordinator.

  • I have read and completed the Event Application in good faith. All details provided are accurate and true and I am authorised to act on behalf of the applicant / event organiser.
  • The event will be organised and managed as I have described unless advised otherwise by Warrnambool City Council and/or its authorities.
  • By signing this Event Application form, the Applicant agrees to indemnify and to keep indemnified Warrnambool City Council, its servants and agents (the Council), and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, penalties, demands and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them, or any of them, in connection with the Event being applied for. The Applicant’s liability to indemnify the Council shall be reduced proportionally to the extent that any act or omission of the Council directly contributed to the loss or liability.
  • By signing this Event Application form the Applicant agrees to hold harmless Warrnambool City Council its servants and agents (the Council), and each of them in connection with all claims resulting from damage, loss, death or injury in connection with the Event being applied for, which may otherwise be brought or made or claimed by the Applicant against the Council, except to the extent that the Council is grossly negligent.
  • I understand that this Event Application does not constitute event approval.
  • I understand that a Council Officer will advise me of the next steps required for my event to gain approval.

Privacy Policy

The information collected on this form is required by Council to ensure measures are in place for events management within the Warrnambool City Council. If this information is not collected the application cannot be processed. Council
is required to notify various parties (e.g. authorities and emergency services) of upcoming events and may disclose this information to these parties in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. The applicant may apply to Council for access and/or amendment of the information by contacting Council’s Freedom of Information/Privacy officer on 03 5559 4800 or privacy [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

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