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Dog owner with dog at the Flume

Walking Your Dog

Control of Dogs in Public Places

Walking your dog is a great way to explore Warrnambool but please be aware of the rules regarding dogs in public areas, particularly the foreshore, which is off limits to dogs during certain months of the year.

Dogs must be on a leash in all public places unless declared as "off-leash" and pick up bags must be carried and used.

Designated off-leash areas

Dogs must be kept under effective voice control and a lead carried and used when in the vicinity of another dog or within 30m of a children's playground, barbecue facility, organised sporting event, picnic area or public meeting.

Dogs must not be allowed to worry or threaten any person or animal.

You can walk your dog off a leash in the following areas:

  • Community Dog Park in Victoria Park, Koroit Street
  • Albert Park (excluding sports grounds)
  • Beach area, Hopkins River (west side) to Flume
  • Blue Hole Reserve (from Hopkins River Bridge to mouth, east side only) between April 1 and November 30
  • Merri River areas of public open space in the vicinity of Manuka Drive, Membrey Way and Ponting Drive
  • Bushfield Oval Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Harris Street Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Jubilee Park, Woodford
  • Logans Beach
  • Allansford Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Davidson Oval Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Kings Park
  • Malwarrah Reserve, Woodford
  • Russells Creek Reserve (Mortlake Road to Garden Street)
  • Schrader Park, Allansford
  • Tozer Road easement (to Wanstead Street)
  • Victoria Park
  • Payne Reserve
  • Merrivale Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Jones Oval (excluding sports ground)
  • Scoborio Reserve
  • St James Reserve
  • Brierly Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Rotary Park
  • Dennington Reserve (excluding sports grounds)
  • Archibald Reserve
  • And such other areas as Council may determine

Designated on-leash areas

You can walk your dog on a leash in the following areas:

  • All public areas (residential streets, CBD etc)
  • Blue Hole Reserve (Hopkins River Bridge to Mouth, east side, on-leash only from December 1 to March 31, on or off a leash between April 1 and November 30)
  • Foreshore walking tracks, including Foreshore Promenade
  • Main beach area (Flume to Breakwater from April 1 to November 30)

Prohibited areas

The following areas are prohibited for dogs:

  • Lake Pertobe Reserve
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Jetty Flat Athletics Centre
  • Sports ovals
  • Main beach area (Flume to Breakwater) between December 1 and March 31
  • Merri River Mouth (south of Stanley Street Bridge including Middle Island)
  • Merri River Wetlands (Viaduct Road to MacDonald Street)
  • Hopkins River and beach frontage (Ski Club) between November 1 and April 30
  • Surfside & Shipwreck Bay holiday parks between December 23 and February 2
  • Rail Trail (sections adjacent to Lake Pertobe Reserve)
  • And such other areas as Council may determine

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