Traffic arrangements at Koroit-Liebig intersection

From Monday, October 16, the bus interchange in Warrnambool’s Koroit Street will be relocated to Lava Street.

The new location will allow work to be undertaken at the intersection of Koroit and Liebig streets as part of the Warrnambool City Centre Renewal.

The new interchange will be situated near Centrelink on the south side of Lava Street and near the Victoria Hotel bottle shop on the north side of Lava Street.

“We appreciate the change may take some time to get used to,” Warrnambool City Council Director City Infrastructure Scott Cavanagh said.

“We’ve reached a significant point in the renewal as we continue with the work at the intersection of Koroit and Liebig streets and we need access to the section of Koroit Street currently occupied by the bus interchange.

“The work will require closure of the eastern half of the intersection and a U-turn arrangement will be established for motorists approaching the intersection from the east along Koroit Street.”

This arrangement will be in place until mid to late November.

On Tuesday evening the Koroit Street-Liebig Street intersection will be fully closed to allow Wannon Water to complete some infrastructure works.

“We will have in place a U-turn at the southern approach to the intersection which will allow motorists to turn around and park on the east side of the street, or to exit Liebig Street via the southern end,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“The full closure will be for one night but we will keep the U-turn arrangement at the southern approach in place for the duration of the work at the intersection.

“I want to emphasise that the Liebig Street dining precinct will remain accessible from Timor Street and from the Ozone and Cramond and Dickson off-street car parks.

“We appreciate the understanding of traders and those visiting the city centre as we deliver the renewal.”