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Social Activities and Gatherings

Social activities, information sessions and guest speakers

Free morning tea at the Archie Graham Community Centre, featuring a guest speaker discussing a topic of broad general appeal. This activity is held at a set time in the first week of each month and is a great opportunity to explore the issue, chat with others as well as find out about activities and opportunities coming for the month.

Come out to lunch and meet new friends and share a meal at various cafés and restaurants in Warrnambool each month. A small booking fee is required to be paid at Archie Reception and everyone pays for their own lunch.

Half or full day trips to a range of destinations such as an open garden, museum, expo or festival are available and promoted through the Archie Newsletter. The cost of these trips will vary. Discounts are available to those who meet support eligibility criteria. Contact Archie Reception for more information.

Information sessions, ranging from how to access Centrelink support to finding out about the Warrnambool Historical Society and other topics of interest are held throughout the year.

Indoor Activities, Games and Craft

Weekly games of Mah-Jong and Scrabble are played at the Archie Graham Community Centre. Craft activities are offered from time to time. These indoor activities are offered at a low cost with new people most welcome.


Come along to the movies shown at the Archie Graham Community Centre. Bring a friend and enjoy the show in our comfy chairs. Small entry fee paid on arrival. Movie details are in the latest edition of the  Archie Newsletter

Writers’ Group

The Warrnambool Writers’ Group has been meeting once a month at the Archie Graham Community Centre since the early 1980s. The group was formed for local writers to share their work in a friendly, social and encouraging environment. New members welcome.

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Council Enterprises

Council runs and manages a number of Enterprises for the benefit of our residents and visitors.
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