Smarter parking in the city centre

Warrnambool City Council is introducing pay-by-plate parking in the CBD.

The more user-friendly system means you don’t have to print out a ticket and walk back to your car to display it.

To use the meter you simply enter your licence plate number, select the time limit that applies to where you have parked your car, then pay via coin or card.

The new meters are available for on-street parking and in the off-street car parks.

The move to pay-by-plate parking has been accompanied by a move to a new parking app called CellOPark.

Using the app is a convenient way to organise your parking payments and means that you only pay for the time you use. So if you park in a one-hour parking space, which costs $1.40 per hour, but you stay only 30 minutes, with the app you will pay only 70c.

There are no charges for using the app although banks and other credit card providers may charges relating to the use of the credit card.

The CellOPark app is available for download on Apple and Android phones.

CellOPark also offers a premium service called iMoved that sends you reminders when your parking credit is set to expire. This opt-in service costs $1.99 a month.

You do not need to download the premium service to use the basic app.

The pay-by-plate system and new meters provide a simpler, consistent paid parking arrangement across the whole city centre.

Parking in and around the city centre has been designed to ensure people coming to the city centre have choices.

For commuters or people coming to enjoy a movie or a leisurely day browsing shops and dining at a café or restaurant, we have a number of all-day car parks.

For those doing tasks like a grocery shop or collecting an item at a pharmacy there are short-term options, including 15-minute bays along Liebig Street.

Click here to view a video that explains how to use the new parking app.

Click here to view a video that explains how to use the new parking meters.