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Road resealing

Road Reseal Program

Council’s annual road resealing program is scheduled to begin on November 18, weather permitting.

Work will take place at 34 locations over November and December as part of the $730,000 program.

About 15km of Council’s 330km sealed road network will be resealed.

Street Area (m2)
Reid Oval: Hockey Club: Access Road Reseal 880
Timor St Reseal (Gibson - Kelp) (Incl intersections and parking bays) 2503
Ardlie St Reseal (Barbers - Conns) 880
Koroit St Reseal (McMeekin - Henna) 16160
Bailey Cres Reseal 610
Blue Hole Rd Reseal 1110
Dooley St Reseal 3950
Ocean Gr Reseal 2600
Tooram Rd Reseal (Ziegler - Station) 3000
Wirilda Trail Reseal 3550
Artillery Cres Reseal (Kepler - Gilles) 620
Bradley (Walsh - Mack St) 1747
George Av Reseal (Verdon - bowl) 2790
Logans Beach Rd / Henderson Way Reseal 1550
Macdonald St Reseal 0- south of Stanley St 2506
Nicholson St(Barkley - Flaxman) 2474
Thunder Point Rd Reseal 3300
Ziegler Pde Reseal (Tooram - Grauers) 10800
Laverock Rd Reseal (Raglan - Hoddle) 2800
Atkinsons La Reseal 1960
Bryant St Reseal 1070
Harper St Reseal (Incl carpark) 630
Mortlake Rd Service Rd (Donovans - Allan (North) ) 830
Merri St Reseal (Foster - Ann) 1660
Tarhook Rd Reseal (Callistemon - Manuka) 1500
The Esplanade (Raglan - Drummond) 920
Plummers Hill Rd Reseal (Cilmery South - Municipal Boundary) 1720
Mortlake Rd Service Rd Reseal (Wollaston - Dooley) 1230
Gleeson St Reseal 830
Jukes St Reseal ( Bell - Phillips) 6200
Ellerslie Gr Reseal 1250
Daltons Rd Reseal (Ardlie - Oxford) 1440
Edward St Reseal 1540
Hopkins Point Rd Reseal (Southern Ocean - Kinnear) 19850


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