Powercor to upgrade high voltage cable

 On Sunday, May 13 Powercor will begin work to replace a high voltage cable that runs underneath the roundabout at the intersection of Koroit and Liebig streets.

“This is important work which replaces a shallow direct buried high voltage cable,” Warrnambool City Council Director City Infrastructure Scott Cavanagh said.

 “We need the cable to be buried at a compliant depth in order to finalise the road pavement work at the roundabout.

“The cable replacement will not require excavation at the roundabout because Powercor will bore a horizontal condut for the cable.

“There will however be excavation to the east and west of the intersection that will require traffic to be managed at the roundabout.

“Powercor will excavate near the National Australia Bank in Koroit Street to the west of the intersection and at the front of the Hao Kai Restaurant to the east of the intersection.

“There will be a temporary loss of some car parking spaces at these access points and the Koroit Street access to the Coles Younger Car Park be closed while the work is under way.

“Coles Younger Car Park will still be accessible from Lava and Kepler streets.”

The installation of the new cable will be carried out over a week with the cable scheduled to become operational on Sunday, May 20. 

Powercor has advised that switching power from the old to the new cable may require a temporary power shutdown for nearby buildings.

Meanwhile, the renewal is proceeding smoothly at the southern end of Liebig Street.

“Fine weather and being able to have larger machinery operating across the full width of the street has allowed us to make solid progress on the removal of old road paving and kerbstones,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“It’s important to remember that the shops, cafes and restaurants remain accessible while this work is under way.

“We encourage people to take advantage of the free 90-minute parking in Ozone and Cramond and Dickson car parks.

“From these car parks Liebig Street is easily accessible via several laneways.”