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Reid Oval upgrade a compelling investment

News Article Date: 
Monday, 13 August 2018

A business case prepared as part of the Reid Oval redevelopment process has shown the project would be a “compelling investment that drives sports development in all community sectors”.

The preferred redevelopment to transform Reid Oval to a high regional standard has an estimated total project cost of up to $12.5 million with funding required from the Victorian Government, Council and user groups.

The business case examined four options. Option A was do nothing; Option B was renewal of the facility; Option C was redevelopment to a regional standard while Option 4 was to redevelop to an elite or AFL standard.

Option C represented the strongest economic case and was then explored in detail within the business plan.

“Option C is attractive and would meet community needs and expectations,” Council Chief Executive Officer Bruce Anson said.

“A staged development with an initial investment of $9 million will achieve the desired infrastructure including an oval surface upgrade, 200 lux lighting and changerooms.

“We will need to work with the clubs and user groups to consider in detail relocation arrangements while construction is under way.

“Should the project receive the necessary funding from the Victorian Government we would be looking at a disruption across two seasons of cricket and football.

“Once we have agreed on temporary relocation arrangements for clubs, it is proposed that construction would start in 2021 and be completed for the 2023 football season.”

The economic analysis found that construction element of the project would create 37 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs for two years with ongoing employment of 27 FTE.

Over a 25-year period it is estimated the investment in Reid Oval would generate economic output of $88.9 million.

The report stated the redevelopment would particularly benefit “women and girls who are currently underrepresented in formal sporting activities within the municipality.”

The Reid Oval Development Plan, endorsed by Council in February 2017, identified six key infrastructure priorities for Reid Oval. They are:

1. Oval playing surface upgrade.

2. Lighting upgrades.

3. Player and umpire amenity upgrades.

4. Improved spectator amenities.

5. Improved cricket training facilities.

6. State/Regional Sporting Association offices.


These priorities would:

  • Provide a multi-purpose pavilion and office space to accommodate the Warrnambool and District Football Umpires Association, regional sporting bodies and Community.

  • Provide unisex player and umpire change rooms that cater for diversity of use and regional growth.

  • Remove barriers to female participation by providing suitable facilities and amenities.

  • Provide Football and Cricket facilities to a regional standard that complement the recent successful investment into Netball facilities.

  • Enhance community programs offering by providing a facility that is accessible and inclusive.

  • Provide a venue of regional quality to host local to regional sporting activities.

  • Conduct full ground renovation to improve surface performance.

  • Assist community organisation capacity building through the provision of shared sporting hub office accommodation, inclusive of home for South West Sport.

  • Provide a venue capable of hosting significant regional sporting and community events.

  • Upgrade oval lighting to 200 lux to support event hosting, night fixtures and regional promotion.

  • Cater for continued growth in junior, youth and senior football, netball, cricket and community events, including a new training area.


The Reid Oval Redevelopment Business Case was developed by a specialist consulting team including insideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning, JMA Architects, SED Regional Advisory and Zinc Cost Management.


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