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Freya Jobbins

Plastic to fantastic at Fun4Kids

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Old plastic becomes fantastic with FunkyToyFace workshops a highlight at this year’s Fun4Kids Festival, presented by The Standard.

Contemporary Australian artist Freya Jobbins will run the sessions where old toys replace paint while glue guns replace brushes as the creative tools of choice.

“The kids always say, ‘Can I really cut it up? Am I really allowed?’ when they are told to cut the toys apart,” Jobbins said.

“Then they have a ball doing something that they’re not usually allowed to do.

“For kids that are eight years old or older who are able to use hot glue and clippers I like to give them free reign, it’s really self-driven learning.

“Rather than having mums and dads directing, I encourage parents to make their own FunkyToyFaces so that kids are free to create. Younger kids will need an adult or older sibling to supervise and help.”

Jobbins has turned heads, and won several awards, with her unusual sculptures using discarded toys to create portraits and busts.

Her work has been exhibited in England, Norway, Germany, Israel, the UAE and the USA. Several of her intricately detailed creations will be on display at the festival.

Jobbins has a passion for recycling and hopes that workshop participants will begin to think differently about the amount of plastic they use.

“I want to spread the message to not just throw away plastic into landfill but to repurpose and reuse it instead,” she said.

“In the workshops I wear an apron that says ‘every piece of plastic that was every made still exists… somewhere’ and I can see that message hitting home especially for parents in the workshops.”

FunkyToyFace is one of 14 themed zones at this year’s Fun4Kids Festival, which will run from July 5-9.

Festival-goers will also be able to enjoy 25 outstanding children’s performers and discover a special program of activities at Flagstaff Hill.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

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