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Pedestrian priority in the city centre

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pedestrians will have priority at two roundabouts in the Warrnambool CBD, pending approval from VicRoads.

At its meeting on June 5, Councillors voted to install zebra crossings on all roundabout crosswalks in the City Centre Renewal Project, with their effectiveness to be reviewed after two years.

The roundabouts are located at the intersections of Liebig and Lava streets and Liebig and Koroit streets.

Warrnambool City Council Mayor Kylie Gaston said that one of the goals of the City Centre Renewal is to improve the walkability of the CBD.

“The City Centre Renewal is aiming to create a place that is vibrant, attractive and pedestrian friendly,” she said.

“We are beginning to move away from a culture that prioritises the movement or cars and towards a culture than focusses on creating the best possible experience for pedestrians.

“Research and examples from elsewhere in Australia and internationally suggest that pedestrian-friendly cities are happier cities.

“The City Centre Renewal works will significantly alter the traffic environment with more constrained traffic lanes and lower speed limits, making the inclusion of pedestrian crossings at these locations a sensible approach.”

Pedestrian crosswalks are being finished with a concrete surface to provide contrast from adjacent footpaths and to allow the provision of zebra crossings.

Advice provided by Council’s design team Outlines Landscape Architecture, the City Centre Road Design Auditor O’Brien Traffic, the Safe System Solutions Road Safety Audit and the Warrnambool City Centre Traffic Review undertaken by Ratio Consulting all support the inclusion of pedestrian priority at roundabouts with high pedestrian demand.

Zone 1 of the City Centre Renewal, which incorporates Liebig Street from Raglan Parade to Koroit Street, is currently under construction.

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