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Green bin, kitchen caddy and compostable bin liners.

Organics collection service trial to start March, 2018

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A trial of a Food Organics Green Organics (FOGO) collection involving 1704 Warrnambool households will start next March

The trial will run for just under four months.

“The trial is part of Council’s commitment to sustain and enhance the natural environment,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Robert Anderson said.

“We need to divert more of our waste out of landfill, which is an expensive and unsustainable way to deal with household waste.

“The reality is that much of what goes into landfill should not be considered as waste.

“We are already doing a solid job removing our recyclable materials from the waste stream and the FOGO collection will allow us to create something useful – compost - from material that would otherwise end up in landfill.

“By weight, almost half of our rubbish bin consists of FOGO and disposing of FOGO to landfill costs significantly more than processing and composting the FOGO material.

“Most Council’s in Victoria offer a green waste service and the number offering a combined food and garden collection service is increasing.”

Diverting FOGO from Warrnambool garbage bin has the potential to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4,000 tonnes of CO2 e (carbon dioxide equivalent) annually.

This equates to removing 857 cars off the road every year.

During the pilot study the FOGO material will be collected by Warrnambool Green Waste and processed and composted at the Panmure Composting Facility.

This compost is used in farming to increase nutrients in the soil and for commercial and residential gardening.

“During the FOGO trial we will gather information about quantities of material collected, how residents use the service, what the impact is on garbage and recycling collection, and what aspects of the service need further development,” Cr Anderson said.

This information will be used to inform decision making and planning for the wider implementation of a FOGO service to all Warrnambool households in the future.

There is no additional cost for residents involved in the pilot.

The trial was given an allocation in the 2017-2018 Council budget.

In February and March Deakin University students and Council staff will speak directly to households involved in the trial to answer queries and provide help to get most out of the new system.

The households involved will receive a FOGO bin, kitchen caddy, compostable bin liners and brochures in the first fortnight of February, 2018.


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