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Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club Treasurer Graeme Wines

New wayfinding signs for mountain bike trail

News Article Date: 
Friday, 12 February 2021

Making the most of Warrnambool’s mountain bike trail has been made easier thanks to new directional signs.

A total of 60 signs have been installed at the Thunder Point mountain bike trail, directing people along three different loops.

Council provided $15,000 for the project via the Small Infrastructure Fund, with Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club volunteers installing the signs over a series of working bees along 7km of trail.

Club Treasurer Graeme Wines said that the new signs made riding the trail easier for everyone, especially new riders.

“Because the tracks go all over the place, if you came in completely fresh you’d have a hard time knowing where you were, but now the arrows make that clear,” he said.

“There are three loops and they’re colour-coded – green, blue and purple – so it’s just a matter of following whichever circuit you want to do.

“And no matter which loop you’re on, you’ll always finish up back where you started.”

Warrnambool City Council Manager Recreation and Culture Alison Kemp said that Council was proud to support the upgrade of the mountain bike trail.

“A lot of people would be surprised to know just how extensive the mountain bike trail at Thunder Point is, and the new directional signs will hopefully give more people the confidence to give it a go,” she said.

“Cycling either for transport or for recreation is a great form of exercise, and the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club does a great job of making the sport accessible to the community.”

Mr Wines encouraged anyone with an interest in riding to visit the trail and consider joining the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club.

“Mountain biking is a growing sport, it’s fantastic to get involved in. Parents can come up with the kids and the grandkids and get them involved,” he said.

“The good thing about being a club member is that you’re covered by insurance too.”

The club plans to host a come and try day in the near future. Keep an eye on the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Facebook Page for more information.


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