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New toilets in Jubilee Park

New eco-friendly toilets for Woodford

News Article Date: 
Friday, 26 June 2020

The new compostable toilet facilities at Jubilee Park/Wurrumbit Birrng Yaar are now open.

The new accessible toilets were made possible thanks to the efforts of community volunteers led by long-time Woodford residents Trish Blakeslee and Arnold Brian with the support of the Warrnambool Fly Fishers Club also crucial.

The need for toilets in the park was identified in the Jubilee Park Master Plan, with the project receiving further momentum after Ms Blakeslee submitted it as part of the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project initiative in 2018.

While the toilets narrowly missed out on funding via the public voting process, Council elected to cover the $161,000 cost of the project.

Council has now invested more than $500,000 over recent years to improve Jubilee Park.

“I was very lucky that Warrnambool City Council voted unanimously to finance it and I really appreciate their support,” Ms Blakeslee said.

“There was a lot of volunteer work done. Arnold and the fly fishing club built all of the retaining walls, so it was a pretty good effort.

“I appreciate that the Warrnambool City Council gave us the opportunity to have a go at something. It was a good partnership with the community.

“It’s a beautiful open space that has a great deal of historical and cultural significance.

“It’s an excellent facility to have out here. It’s so well used and it’s lovely seeing so many families there.”

Mr Brian, a retired engineer, oversaw the construction of the project and said that the lack of available sewerage was an opportunity to create an especially eco-friendly facility that uses no electricity and very little water.

“It’s a two-tank system that is approved by the EPA and used extensively in areas where there isn’t any sewer available,” he said.

“It has a micro-flush system so you still have a certain amount of water on the site with the tank that captures the roof water.

“Everyone I’ve talked to is elated that it’s there.”

Warrnambool Mayor Tony Herbert said that the construction of the toilet facilities was a major milestone for the park.

“Over the past decade, Jubilee Park has completely transformed to become one of the most popular parks in the municipality,” he said.

“It’s an important community hub, but it’s also a place that attracts people from further afield.

“Following the completion of the walking trails, the foot bridge and the playground in recent years, the addition of public toilet facilities makes it easier for everyone to spend more time in this beautiful environment.

“I’d like to congratulate Trish, Arnold and the Warrnambool Fly Fishing Club for their proactive approach in helping to deliver a project for the benefit of the whole community.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is urged to use the toilets with caution and to practice good hand hygiene.


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