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National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week

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Friday, 7 November 2014

November 10-16 is National Recycling Week.

The week aims to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling.

Warrnambool residents are generally good recyclers, though there are still some common mistakes being made, according to Warrnambool City Council Waste Management/Minimisation Officer Kate McInnes.

“Plastic bags do not belong in the recycling bin,” Ms McInnes said.

“When recyclables are placed in a plastic bag and then put in a recycling bin this is very frustrating because the resident is trying to do the right thing - however at the sorting facility, tied up plastic bags are not opened but end up going straight to landfill, no matter what is in them.”

According to a 2014 regional waste audit, 22 per cent of items in rubbish bins could be recycled and 17 per cent of items place in recycling bins cannot be recycled.

Ms McInnes said that it is important to remember to recycle items from every room.

Things like toilet rolls or shampoo containers often end up in rubbish, once they are emptied they can definitely be recycled,” she said.

“Food containers often end up in the rubbish bin also. Plan ahead and use up all the food, then place these containers in the recycling. This will also save you money and help reduce food waste.”

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