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Sand dune

High energy ocean pounds Lady Bay dunes

News Article Date: 
Monday, 13 August 2018

Warrnambool’s high energy coastline has necessitated beach access renewal projects at Lady Bay.

Pounding seas have taking their toll on a ramp to the north of the Pavilion Cafe and two sets of steps.

“Warrnambool residents would be aware of just how rough and damaging conditions at Lady Bay beaches can be,” Director City Infrastructure Scott Cavanagh said.

“The beach access steps at Worm Bay were damaged in recent days.

“And one of the sets of steps at Moyjil was severely damaged last year.

"Rather than simply replicate what was there we are looking at a possible re-engineering of these access points to see whether more durable solutions are possible.

“Maintaining infrastructure along Lady Bay will always be a challenge because we really are exposed to the might and fury of the wild south-west seas.

The Victorian Government has provided funding to repair the steps at Worm Bay ($22,000) and Moyjil ($121,000). Council will fund the repair of the ramp used primarily by the yacht club, horse trainers and Council maintenance vehicles at a cost of about $120,000.

“Right now is a difficult time to be on the beach carrying out maintenance,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“We will have to wait until conditions improve.

“Recent erosion has created steep-sided dunes which are more prone to collapse so we are asking people to stay clear of the dunes for now.

“For safety reasons we have closed the access points at Worm Bay and Moyjil until we have renewed infrastructure in place.”

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