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Have your say on recycling

News Article Date: 
Friday, 26 July 2019

Warrnambool City Council is looking at ways to reduce the potential for recyclable materials to end up in landfill.

As part of the process, Council wants the community to provide feedback on recycling options.

“Unfortunately the way we currently collect recyclable materials in Warrnambool contributes to Australia’s recycling crisis,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Tony Herbert said.

“The recycling industry has told councils that combining paper, cardboard, plastics and glass in one bin creates a ‘cross-contaminated’ mix of materials that means some of the material is ending up in landfill.

“However, we can stop this if we do more to separate recyclables in our households.

“So a key action we could take is to separate glass from other recyclables.

“We know that glass by itself is a useful commodity for which there is a demand – including in road construction.

“Removing glass, in particular smashed glass, from plastics and paper also means that these materials are more likely to be recycled.”

Council has four options out for consideration, two of which include the addition of a fourth bin for glass collection.

“There is a bit to consider from a logistical point of view so we have prepared an explanatory document to accompany a survey which can be done online or we can also provide a printed survey option,” Cr Herbert said.

“Please have your say. We know through the development of the long-term community plan, Warrnambool 2040, that the community wants to have no recoverable waste going to landfill.

“This is an important step to achieving that goal.”

Whichever option is preferred Council will be replacing existing 80-litre red-lidded landfill bin with a larger 140-litre red-lidded landfill bin.

“Many of the 80-litre bins are more than 15 years old and are due to be replaced.

“Moving to a larger landfill bin was flagged in our Resource Recovery, Waste Minimisation and Management Strategy.

“Ultimately the future of waste management is likely to involve collecting less landfill waste less frequently, which FOGO, a separate glass collection and uncontaminated recycling would allow.

“The larger landfill bin provides Warrnambool with the option to move to a fortnightly landfill rubbish collection.

“The old 80-litre bins will be shredded and re-used to make new bins.”

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