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Fourth bin for glass collection to be rolled out

Fourth bin for glass collection to be rolled out

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 30 March 2021
In April, Council will start the rollout of glass collection (purple-lidded) bins to all Warrnambool households.
This will complete the four-bin waste management system six years ahead of the Victorian Government deadline.
“Glass breaking and sticking to other items, especially cardboard and paper, is one of the top contamination issues facing the recycling industry,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Vicki Jellie said. 
“Keeping glass separate means that this valuable resource can be recycled and kept out of landfill. Sending waste to landfill is not a good outcome environmentally and it’s also expensive. 
“If we can reuse or recycle waste it helps to contain overall rubbish and recycling costs.”
The rollout of the glass collection service follows a successful trial in 2020 involving more than 3,000 Warrnambool households. 
The rollout of the purple-lidded bins will begin on April 6, the Tuesday after Easter. 
The distribution of the 13,000 bins will be done over a month. 
“Once you have your purple-lidded glass bin you can start to fill it straight away with jars and bottles – please take lids off the glass items first and recycle these accordingly,” Cr Jellie said.
“The purple-lidded glass bins will be collected fortnightly and they go out with your yellow-lidded recyclables bin.”
The other significant change will be the rollout of our larger 140-litre rubbish (red-lidded) bins. This will start from May 16 and will also take about month.
“Residents can use their bigger rubbish bins which will go out each fortnight.
“Again start using it straight away. 
“The red bin goes out with the FOGO (food organics, garden organics) bin and when you first put the new rubbish bin out for collection, also put out your small 80-litre rubbish bin - it’s OK if it has rubbish in it.
“The small bin will be taken away and recycled leaving your 140-litre bin as your sole rubbish bin.”
What will happen and what you need to do:
April 6 – glass bin rollout begins, will take about four weeks to complete
May 16 – rollout begins of 140-litre rubbish bins to replace smaller 80-litre bins
Glass bins go out fortnightly with your recyclables bin
New rubbish bins go out fortnightly with FOGO bins – in the first instance put your new AND your old rubbish bins out. 
“In recent years Warrnambool residents have shown a real commitment to reducing household waste through the sorting of recyclables and FOGO,” Cr Jellie said.
“We’d like to thank everyone for their efforts and we’re confident that the four-bin system will achieve positive environmental and financial outcomes for our city.”
If you have any questions about the new system, please call City Assist on 5559 4800 or go to 

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