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Drain buddy

Drain Buddies are ocean's new best friend

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

We're working with marine debris reduction organisation Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the Cleanwater Group to trial an innovative solution to keep waste out of the ocean.

Heavy-duty, mesh baskets have been installed in 10 storm water drains (five in the CBD, five in the industrial estate) to capture rubbish, organic debris and sediment while allowing only water past.

Every eight weeks for the next year, the baskets, called “Drain Buddies” will be emptied and their contents analysed.

Tangaroa Blue operates under the principle of: “if all we do is clean-up, that's all we'll ever do”. 

With this in mind, the data collected from the audits along with an analysis report will be presented at an open community forum to assist in the development of local source reduction plans that aim to mitigate the types of litter documented.

The project was funded by a 2020 Coastcare Victoria Community Grant.

A similar project in Mackay QLD saw 13 Drain Buddies prevent 6000 pieces of rubbish from entering the storm water system over a six month period.

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