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Council meeting summary October 5, 2015

Council meeting summary October 5, 2015

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 6 October 2015

For more information and appendices for each item, view the Council Meeting Agenda.

The below summary is unconfirmed until the Minutes of the October 5 Meeting are accepted by Council.

Before the meeting commenced, the election of an Acting Mayor was required in the absence of Cr Neoh. Cr Kelson nominated Cr Hulin and Cr Gaston nominated Cr Ermacora. The vote was tied (3-3). Following the drawing of lots, Cr Hulin was elected Acting Mayor.

1. Opening Prayer & Original Custodians Statement

2. Apologies

Cr Neoh

3. Confirmation of Minutes

Council confirmed the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting on September 7 (5-1).

4. Declaration by Councillors and Officers of any Conflict of Interest in any Item on the Agenda

Cr Askew declared a conflict of interest in Item 6.1

5.1 Councillor Request for Leave of Absence

The Mayor, Cr Michael Neoh has advised that he has formally nominated as a candidate for the upcoming State By-Election and in accordance with the Municipal Association of Victoria’s guidelines is requesting a leave of absence from Council and his mayoral duties, effective from 30 September to the 31 October 2015.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0)

That in accordance with the provision of Section 69(2) of the Local Government Act 1989, Council resolves to grant Councillor Michael Neoh leave of absence from Council for the period 30 September to 31 October 2015.

5.2 Council Meeting Date Changes

Council’s Annual Council meeting is scheduled for 2 November 2015 and its Ordinary Council meeting for 9 November 2015.

At the Councillor Briefing held on 21 September, Cr. Sycopoulis enquired as to whether the Annual meeting could be deferred to a later date so that all Councillors are present for the election of Mayor.

Cr. Sycopoulis has applied for a leave of absence from the 26 September to 16 November 2015.

Council supported the following recommendations (6-0):


1. The Ordinary Council meeting scheduled for 9 November 2015 be rescheduled to 2 November 2015.

2. The Annual Council meeting scheduled for 2 November 2015 be rescheduled to 30 November 2015.

3. That the rescheduled dates of meetings be advertised.

5.3 Electoral Representation Review

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) released its preliminary report on the Electoral Representation review of the Warrnambool City Council on the 23 September 2015.

The Preliminary Report presents two options which the VEC considers offer fair and equitable representation for voters in the municipality. Council made a ‘preliminary submission’ to the review in support of the status quo.

It is proposed that Council makes a ‘response submission’ supporting the VEC’s preferred option where Council continues to comprise seven Councillors in an unsubdivided municipality.

Response submissions close 21 October, 2015 with the VEC’s final report scheduled for release on the 18 November 2015.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0):

That Council makes a ‘response submission’ to the Victorian Electoral Commission’s Preliminary Report dated 23 September 2015 on the Electoral Representation Review for the Warrnambool City Council, supporting Option A identified in the report; and speak in support of Council’s submission at the hearing to be held 27 October 2015.

5.4 Annual Close-down, Christmas and New Year Period 2015/16

It is usual for Council to consider its business hours during the Christmas/New Year period taking into account customer service and Council’s capacity to provide 24 hour emergency service.

Over recent years, during the Christmas/New Year period the Civic Centre and other establishments have been closed except for those areas where staff were partly or fully deployed for essential or emergency services, particularly having regard to those sites which operate at a higher level at this time of the year, such as holiday parks, AquaZone, Flagstaff Hill and the Visitor Information Centre.

Experience from previous years indicates there were only very low levels of customer requests received at the Civic Centre or depot. In addition, there is no special rate or account payment period which occurs between the Christmas/New Year period.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0):

That Council approve the Christmas/New Year office closure arrangements for 2015/16.

5.5 Small Infrastructure Fund – Guidelines Review and Project Selection

Councillors established the Small Infrastructure Fund (SIF) in 2014/15.

The intent of the fund is to undertake smaller projects that improve the linkages and liveability of the local neighbourhood areas within the municipality.

The SIF is allocated 1.0% of annual rate revenue and also received an initial capital works savings allocation of $250,000.

Council supported the following recommendations (6-0):

1. That Council endorse the updated Small Infrastructure Fund guidelines.

2. That Council select the three highest ranked projects, being Brierly Reserve shared pathways, WAVES path project and Wellington Street pedestrian bridge, to be completed and funded from the Small Infrastructure Fund.

5.6 Combined Planning Scheme Amendment C99 and Planning Application PP2015-0150 – Clinton Baulch Motor Group – 53-63 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool

Amendment C99 proposes to rezone land at 53-63 Raglan Parade, 65 Raglan Parade, and 69 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool from the General Residential 1 Zone to the Commercial 2 Zone.

Planning Application PP2015-0150 has been submitted concurrently to develop the land at 53-63 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool with a car dealership (Clinton Baulch Motor Group).

Council supported the following recommendations (6-0):

1. In accordance with Section 8A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act), seek the authorisation of the Minister for Planning to prepare an amendment to the Warrnambool Planning Scheme to rezone land at 53-63 Raglan Parade, 65 Raglan Parade, and 69 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool, to the Commercial 2 Zone (Amendment C99).

2. Following the authorisation of the Minister for Planning, in accordance with Section 9, 19 and 96C of the Act, prepare and exhibit a combined amendment to the Warrnambool Planning Scheme (Amendment C99) and permit application, including draft Planning Permit PP2015-0150 to develop the land at 53-63 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool with a car dealership.

5.7 Warrnambool Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2020

The Warrnambool Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2020 was developed in-house by the Economic Development Unit with input from Councillors, business and community leaders.

The new Strategy identifies five key areas where Council can lead, advocate, support and work with a wide range of partners to implement or influence priorities:
- Economic Leadership and Collaboration
- Infrastructure and Transport
- Investment Attraction and Business Support
- Skills and Employment
- Visitor Economy and Regional City Liveability

At its meeting on 6 July, Council recommended a public submission process be undertaken to further inform the draft Warrnambool Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2015-2020.

Public submissions remained open for a six week period ending 21 August. A total of seven submissions were received. Issues identified and Council responses are shown in Appendix A. Feedback from internal departments within Council was also received.

The Strategy has now been informed by targeted consultation with local business and industry leaders, a public submission process and an independent review through a consultancy engagement.

Councillor involvement in the development of the Strategy included a Councillor workshop undertaken in February 2015, and Council briefings 29 June and 28 September. Some Councillors have also provided written feedback on the draft Strategy direct to the Manager Economic Development.

It is proposed the Warrnambool Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2020 now be endorsed by Council. The Strategy is shown in Appendix B. Please note the look of the final document will be enhanced through graphic design in advance of wider distribution to interested businesses and the community.

Subject to Council endorsement, an event will be organised to officially ‘launch’ the Strategy.

A two year Action Plan to sit below the Strategy is presently under development, detailing actions, priorities, timing, resources and responsibilities.

Cr Ermacora moved and Cr Gaston seconded that a third recommendation be included where Council writes to thank all submitters.

Council supported the following amended recommendations (6-0):

1. That Council note the public submissions received as part of the consultation process to inform the Warrnambool Economic Development & Investment Strategy 2015-2020.

2. That Council endorse the Warrnambool Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2015-2020.

3. That Council write to all submitters thanking them for their submission.

5.8 City Growth Operations Report

This report provides information on activities currently undertaken by the Directorate of City Growth. Highlights include the 2015 business delegation to Changchun, the Great South Coast Small Business Festival, the unveiling of a revitalised Patloch Lane and tourism benefits stemming from the Oddball film.

Council received the report (6-0).

Due to an emergency for Cr Kelson, Cr Sycopoulis moved and Cr Gaston seconded that the order of business be altered to bring Cr Kelson’s Notice of Motion forward. This was supported by Council (6-0).

6.1 Notice of Motion No. 2124

Notice is given that at the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held on Monday 5 October 2015, I proposed to move:-

“That the Council waive all car parking fees in Parkers Car Park, Ozone Square Car Park, Cramond & Dickson Car Park, Art Gallery Car Park, Koroit Street Car Park, Kepler Street Car Park, Off Koroit Street Car Par, Off Kepler Street Car Park and Off Fairy Street Car Park.

That the Coles/Youngers Car Park be subject to the agreement of the land owners to waive the fees.

Free parking to commence on Monday 7 December 2015 until Friday 29 January 2016.

This will not preclude parking infringements for those who overstay time limited car parking areas.”

Cr Brian Kelson

Council supported the Notice of Motion (3-2).

Cr Kelson left the meeting

5.9 VicRoads Safe Roads 2015/2016 Funding

Council has been successful in obtaining up to $40,000 funding from VicRoads for road safety projects.

The funding will allow Council to improve infrastructure in order to create safer streets for road users. Sites have been identified by Crash Stats, Sustainable Transport Strategy and the Road Users Plan.

Council supported the following recommendation (5-0):

That Council accept Safe Roads funding and use the allocation for the following projects:

1. New Pedestrian crossing located at Viaduct Road Warrnambool.

2. Hopetoun Road Pedestrian Refuge.

5.10 Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic – Road Closures and Traffic Management

The event is to be held on Saturday, October 17th 2015.

Temporary Road Closures and traffic management works will be required.

Warrnambool City Council is responsible for the costs and arranging traffic management from Gateway Road to the Finish line.

Council received the report (5-0).

5.11 2015/2016 Community Development Fund

Council received forty-six applications of which thirty-four are eligible for assessment.

Council subscribed to Smartygrants in 2015, an online grant management system to administer, assess and manage the Community Development Fund (CDF) grants.

The report recommends allocations of $73,988 to be allocated to thirty four local clubs and organisations.

Council supported the following recommendations (5-0):

1. That Council approve the funding under the 2015/16 Community Development Fund to the value of $73,988 to thirty-four clubs and organisations as outlined in this report.

2. That all applicant organisations be advised as the outcome of the assessment process.

5.12 Educations and Care Services in Warrnambool – Looking to the Future

The dynamic nature of the policy and funding environment for the early years sector, and changes in supply of and demand for education and care in Warrnambool, has resulted in challenges for many providers.

Whilst growth in the number of places in some education and care services in Warrnambool has resulted in easy access to most services, there is still a shortage of available places in others.

Council, as a large provider in the sector, needs to consider its role in education and care service provision, and work with others to address remaining areas of shortage.

Council received the report (5-0).

5.13 Advisory Committee Reports

This report contains the record of one Advisory Committee meeting: the City Health & Wellbeing Advisory Committee on 16 September 2015.

Council received the report (5-0).

5.14 Assembly of Councillors Records

Council received the report (4-1).

5.15 Mayoral & Chief Executive Council Activities – Summary Report

Council received the report (5-0).

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