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Council meeting summary November 6, 2017

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 7 November 2017

For more information and appendices for each item, view the Council Meeting Agenda.

The below summary is unconfirmed until the Minutes of the October 2 Meeting are accepted by Council.
1. Opening Prayer & Original Custodians Statement

2. Apologies


3. Confirmation of Minutes

Council confirmed the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on October 2 2017 and the Annual (Statutory) Meeting of Council held on October 30 2017.

4. Declaration by Councillors and Officers of any Conflict of Interest in any Item on the Agenda

Cr Herbert declared a Conflict of Interest in items 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4.

5.1 Monthly Financial Report – September 2017

This Finance Report compares the actual financial results budget for the 3 months from 1 July 2017 to 30 September 2017 – refer Appendix A.

The report sets out financial results for Council’s recurrent (day to day operations) Projects, Capital Works, Rates and Loan activities.

Year to date budgets are profiled to reflect the timing of cash inflows and outflows.

Overall the 3 month actual results indicate an unfavourable financial position of $56,000 when compared to the YTD Budget.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That the report be received.

5.2 Toohey Estate Development Plan – (Toohey and Marrakai Estates)

A proposal to amend the Development Plan for the Toohey and Marrakai Estates has been received from Urbanomics.

The Toohey and Marrakai Estates Development Plan was originally approved by Council in 2009 with an amendment to the area identified as ‘neighbourhood precinct’ approved by Council in December 2016.

This amendment to the Development Plan relates to two (2) Lots in the Tooheys’ Plan of Subdivision.

The amendment was exhibited for a two week period. No submissions have been received.

The amendment to the Development Plan appropriately responds to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO7) requirements and is suitable for endorsement by Council.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0):

That Council endorse the amendment to the Toohey and Marrakai Estate Development Plan, in accordance with the requirements of Clause 43.04 (Schedule to DPO7) of the Warrnambool Planning Scheme.

5.3 Petition for Council – Second Entry/Exit for Amended Development Plan – Huntingfield, Verdon Street Warrnambool

A petition has been received with signatures representing 39 properties requesting that Council require the amended Huntingfield Development Plan – Verdon Street to include a second entry/ exit road – refer Appendix A.

In accordance with Local Law L.1 Governance the petition is received, and referred to the Chief Executive for consideration and response.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0):

That in accordance with Local Law L1 Governance, the joint letter is received and referred to the Chief Executive for consideration and response.

5.4 Status Report – Petition for Playground in Russell Creek Estate

A petition has been received with signatures from 94 residents living in the vicinity of the Russell Creek Estate requesting that Council build a safe and accessible playground for children in the Russell Creek Estate.

In accordance with Local Law L.1 Governance the petition was received at Council’s 7 August Ordinary Meeting, and referred to the Chief Executive for consideration and response.

Council’s open space infrastructure guidelines suggest that neighbourhood reserves such as Russell Creek Estate “might have” a playground.

Development of a Play Space Strategy to guide the priorities for redevelopment and provision of new play spaces is budgeted for and scheduled for completion in 2017/2018.

Various strategic documents note the provision of a playground for this area and another small playground is planned for the development land less than 100 metres directly to the north of the Russell Creek Estate.

Strategic planning has identified projects which will complete and improve pedestrian / cycle links to surrounding playgrounds at Matthews Court, Brierly Recreation Reserve and the Marrakai Estate all being within one (1) kilometre walking distance.

It is estimated that new a neighbourhood playground would range between $150,000 to $200,000, subject to the community engagement outcomes and undertaking detailed design.

Council currently has in excess of $500,000 available through developer contributions for projects in this area.

Council supported the following recommendation (6-0):

That Council consider a playground for the Russell Creek Reserve No. 1 as part of its 2018/2019 budget process.

5.5 Municipal Emergency Management Plan

In accordance with the Emergency Management Act 1986 s.20 (1) Warrnambool City Council must prepare and maintain a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMPlan) – Refer separate attachment.

The MEMPlan is prepared by Council through the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC).

The MEMPlan was audited on 5 July 2017 by the Victoria State Emergency Service (VicSES), consistent with Section 21A of the Emergency Management Act 1986.

Council received a report and a certificate from VicSES on 3 August 2017 stating that the Warrnambool City Council MEMPlan has been assessed as complying with the guidelines issued by the Minister.

Although not a requirement, all the recommendations made by VicSES were adopted.

By endorsing the MEMPlan Council accepts and supports its responsibilities as outlined in the MEMPlan.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council endorse the Warrnambool City Council Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

5.6 Pathway Asset Management Plan

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a strategic document for managing Council’s infrastructure and other assets such that they deliver an agreed standard of service.

A key purpose of Asset Management Plans is to drive longer term thinking and planning to ensure the organisation is operating in a financially sustainable manner.

The Strategic Asset Management team is in the process of refining the suite of Asset Management Plans with the objective of both increasing the sophistication of each document and updating each plan with current data.

The Warrnambool City Council Pathway Asset Management Plan was released for public comment between the 22nd August and the 23rd of September inclusive.

Council received 1 submission regarding the plan from the public requesting an upgrade on the western pedestrian crossing of the Gateway Drive / Dales Road intersection (Appendix 2).

Council has a 15 year pathway renewal requirement of $11,596,810, of which 48% is funded. The low level of renewal investment will result in 20% of pathways being outside of intervention by 2029/30.

Approximately $18,000,000 of new and upgrade pathway projects have been identified in the Sustainable Transport Strategy and Growth Area Planning. Completion of these works is subject to budget allocation and city growth.

An increase of approximately $90,000 (total) to Council’s sealed path and gravel path maintenance and resurfacing budgets would be appropriate to effectively maintain these assets to ensure safety and access.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council:

1. Adopts the attached – Warrnambool City Council Pathway Asset Management Plan Version 3.0, August 2017.

2. Approves the use of pathway capital budget currently held in reserve as follows: i. $90,000 to be reallocated to recurrent sealed path and gravel path maintenance budgets; and ii. $36,707 to be allocated to recurrent asset condition audit budgets,

3. Consider a permanent increase of approximately $90,000 to Council’s sealed path and gravel path maintenance and resurfacing budgets as part of the 2018/2019 budget process.

4. Endorse the requirement for new and upgraded pathways to be constructed in concrete, and only consider all other types of pathways as part of a whole of asset life assessment demonstrating suitability and cost effectiveness.

5.7 Warrnambool Harbour Master Plan

Following an application to the Boating Safety and Facilities Program 2016–2017 for Safer Launching Facilities at the Port of Warrnambool, Council were advised that completion of a Master Plan for the Warrnambool Harbour would assist in improving the business case for the project.

In preparation for the 2017-2018 Boating Safety and Facilities Program Council has undertaken a community consultation process regarding Port facilities and developed a Master Plan and concept design for the Safer Boating facilities.

The development of the Master Plan was funded from the Harbour Redevelopment Feasibility Study Project with contributions from both the State Government and Council.

The Warrnambool Harbour Master Plan is now ready to be advertised for public comment.

Council’s in principle endorsement for the ‘immediate’ priorities in the master plan is being sought so that the plan can be submitted with its next application under the Boating Safety and Facilities (or similar) program.

Council supported the following amended recommendations (7-0):

That Council:

1. Provides in principle endorsement for the $4.66M of immediate priorities contained in the Draft Warrnambool Harbour Master Plan;

2. Supports a funding application for the delivery of the $3.22M Safer Launching and Retrieval Facilities in the Port of Warrnambool;

3. Agree to release the Draft Warrnambool Harbour Master Plan for public comment for a period of 28 days and consider submissions in relation to the Plan at a future Council meeting.

5.8 Advisory Committee Reports

This report contains the record of two Advisory Committees

1. Visitor Economy Advisory Committee – Thursday 26 October 2017 – refer Appendix A

2. Warrnambool Economic Development Advisory Committee – Tuesday 31 October 2017 – refer Appendix B

Council received the reports (7-0).

5.9 Assembly of Councillors Records

Council received the report (7-0).

5.10 Mayoral & Chief Executive Council Activities – Summary Report

Council received the report (7-0).

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