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Council meeting summary July 3, 2017

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 4 July 2017

For more information and appendices for each item, view the Council Meeting Agenda.

The below summary is unconfirmed until the Minutes of July 3 Meeting are accepted by Council.
1. Opening Prayer & Original Custodians Statement

2. Apologies


3. Confirmation of Minutes

Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 5 June 2017 and the Special Meeting of Council held on 22 June 2017

4. Declaration by Councillors and Officers of any Conflict of Interest in any Item on the Agenda


5.1 Transactional Banking Services Tender

The current Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) transactional banking services contract expires on August 31 2017.

A shared service procurement model between four South West Councils (Warrnambool City Council, Corangamite Shire, Glenelg Shire and Golden Plains Shire) was used to tender for the service.

An expert consultant was appointed to assist with the tender preparation and provide a report analysing each of the tenders.

CBA was assessed overall as the providing the best tender on the basis of the tender criteria.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

Council accept the tender by the Commonwealth Bank for the period covering the next three years, with two one-year options to extend.

5.2 Loan Guarantee – Warrnambool RSL

The Council, at its meeting on 7 December 2015, agreed to act as guarantor to the RSL for a bank loan of $2.5 million.

This was subsequently revised at a Council meeting on 1 August 2016 to $2.9m.

The RSL is seeking a further revision to increase this by $451,000 to $3.351m which will be repayable over a 5 year period.

The Warrnambool City Council finance department have reviewed the financial position of the RSL and are confident that they have the capacity to service the existing loan in addition to the facility increase.

The RSL will be repaying the original loan of $2.9m with principal and interest repayments over 15 years.

Warrnambool Sub Branch Building Patriotic Fund will be required to hold the building as an asset within its accounts as part of the security of the loan being guaranteed by Council.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council agrees to increase the amount it acts as loan guarantor for the Warrnambool RSL Sub-Branch Inc new loan facility by $451,000 to $3.351 million.

5.3 Infrastructure Design Manual Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines

There is currently a need for Council to address the social and physical challenges associated with climate change and sustainability. Accordingly more sustainable infrastructure needs to be considered when designing projects.

In September 2015 Council adopted The Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM). The IDM is facilitated by the Local Government Infrastructure Design Association (LGIDA) as a technical document in a planning context and a regional focus. To assist with these challenges and design of new infrastructure the LGIDA has developed the IDM Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines – refer separate attachment.

These guidelines seek to provide guidance on alternative design considerations and materials that will deliver more sustainable infrastructure through:

- Using recycled materials

- Reducing the carbon footprint of infrastructure projects

- Reducing maintenance and operating costs

- Utilising water in more efficient ways

These guidelines seek to provide alternative design considerations. It is recognised that to move to more sustainable solutions requires significant change, however there is no intention to apply a reduction in the design standards contained in the current Infrastructure Design Manual.

It is intended that the guidelines be implemented as an optional reference document for a 12 month trial for use on new developments and Council projects. The use, outcomes and feedback of the document will be monitored during this time for consideration of ongoing adoption of the document following the trial period.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council:

1. Adopt the IDM Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines (SIG) as an optional reference document for a 12 month trial for use in the design of new developments, subdivisions and Council projects.

2. Monitor the use, outcomes and feedback of the document during the trial period.

5.4 Kerbside Collection Contract Extension

On 20 December 2011, Council entered into a contract with Wheelie Waste Pty Ltd for kerbside collection services with a commencement date of 1 July 2012 for a six year period.

The contract is for the kerbside collection of garbage and transport to the Naroghid landfill site and for the collection, transport and processing of recyclables.

The contract provides for an option to extend the contract for a maximum period of two years.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council resolve to extend Contract No. 2012019 with Wheelie Waste Pty Ltd for waste collection services, for a period of one (1) year ending on 30 June 2019.

5.5 Planning Permit Application PP2017-0040 – 103 Merrivale Drive Warrnambool

The application is for two single storey dwellings.

The application has been notified and 11 objections have been received.

An on-site meeting has been held between Councillors, Council Officers, objectors and the applicant.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit be issued under Section 65 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 subject to seven conditions.

5.6 Allansford Mechanics Institute Hall Committee

The Allansford Mechanics Institute Hall has been managed by a Special Committee of Council since 2002.

The Hall Committee is established as a Special Committee of Council as this gives power to Council under the Local Government Act 1989 to delegate responsibility for day to day operation of the facility to the Committee.

Council empowers this delegation triennially.

The Instrument of Delegation is overdue for renewal, and it is recommended that Council update the Instrument of Delegation accordingly.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

1. That Council renew the Special Committee of Council under Section 86 of the Local Government Act to continue to act as the Committee of Management for the Allansford Mechanics Institute Hall.

2. That Council approve the Instrument of Delegation attached to this report as the instrument for the Committee of Management for the Allansford Mechanics Institute Hall.

3. That the persons listed below be appointed to the Committee of Management for the Allansford Mechanics Institute Hall:

- Alan MacCulloch

- Beverley Byron

- Marianne MacCulloch

- Shane Onyett

- Carolyn Onyett

- Geoff Parsons

- Jeff Uebergang

- Judy Walters

- Chris Wilkinson

5.7 Advisory Committee Reports

This report contains the record of three Advisory Committee Meetings: the International Relations Advisory Committee on Tuesday 30 May 2017, the Environment and Planning Advisory Committee on Wednesday 7 June 2017 and the Economic Development Advisory Committee on Wednesday June 14 2017.

Council received the report (7-0).

5.8 Assembly of Councillors Records

Council received the report (7-0).

5.9 Mayoral & Chief Executive Council Activities – Summary Report

Council received the report (7-0).

6. Notice of Motion – NO 2146 – Cr David Owen

Notice is given that at the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held on 3 July 2017, I propose to move the following motion:

“That the Warrnambool City Council:

a) Publicly supports marriage equally, irrespective of sex or gender identity.

b) Writes to State and Federal Members of Parliament, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and the Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, advising them of that support.

c) The Mayor writes to neighbouring Councils advising them of this motion and requests that they consider support for this important human rights issue.

d) Receive a report from officers on the cost to Council of erecting another flag pole to proudly fly the rainbow flag in a prominent location.”

Council supported the Notice of Motion (7-0).

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