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Belly Edis from Fairbrother with Triton Woodworker Len Byron

Building a Fun4Kids favourite

News Article Date: 
Friday, 15 May 2015

Preparations for one of Fun4Kids Festival’s most popular activities, the Fairbrother Build It zone, are almost complete.

The Triton Woodworkers have been working for months to ensure 20 pallets of wooden toy kits will be delivered to the festival in June, comprising 95,000 pieces of wood and 170,000 nails.

Community Programs with Support clients at the Archie Graham Centre have also provided an invaluable service in bagging up the kits.

During the festival, about 100 hammers will be used by children to create up to 9000 toys.

“We start work after Christmas and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now,” said Triton Woodworkers President Len Byron.

“The club puts in about 3000 hours of work with about 25 or 30 people helping to make the kits.”

“We have been doing it for years now, so we are like a factory in how we work. It’s like a conveyor belt.”

Mr Byron said that perennial favourites such as the fairy house, bird feeder, helicopter and truck are all returning, with a jewellery box a new kit on offer.

“Just about every kid that comes into the festival leaves with a toy under their arm,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to some people who still have them years and years later.

“To see the kids’ faces when they are finished, their eyes just light up.”

Fairbrother Manager - South West Victoria Billy Edis agreed that working with timber was a timeless joy for children.

“Kids enjoy being able to make something out of timber,” he said.

“To be able to take a few pieces of wood and walk out with an aeroplane or a car and to be able to say ‘I made that’ is really positive.”

Fairbrother have supplied all of the materials for the kits as well as labour to set up the zone.

“We have a commitment to supporting good community events like Fun4Kids,” Mr Edis said.

“Sponsoring the Build It zone fits in with that commitment and also because it ties in well with what we do as a business.”

The 2015 Fun4Kids Festival will run from June 28 until July 4.

For a full performer, zone and activity line-up or to purchase tickets, visit

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