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War memorial

2015 ANZAC Commemoration

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 1 April 2015

ANZAC Day is a time for reflection, thankfulness and remembrance. All members of the community are invited to be involved in this national day of commemoration.

April 25 this year marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli

In Warrnambool on ANZAC Day, activities will include:

  •  a big screen will have a continuous video program running of ANZAC-related programs and activities including an internationally recognised documentary film about Gallipoli and locally-produced documentaries featuring the involvement of Warrnambool and its people in war from 1914 to the present.  This will start from 5:15am and run until after midday.
  • The Cannon at Flagstaff Hill will sound the start of proceedings at 5.30am
  • Breakfast will be available all day.
  • The traditional Dawn Service and the expanded Parade and Memorial Service will be broadcast on the big screen.
  • A key feature of the 2015 Centenary March will be the opportunity for descendants of those who served in World War I to lead the march wearing their forebears' WWI medals.
  • A conducted tour of decorated ANZAC’s memorials will be run at the Warrnambool Cemetery from 7am.
  • Warrnambool school children will play a large part.
  • There will be a display of Great War vintage vehicles.

Commemoration March protocol

As ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance the aim of the ANZAC Day commemoration activities - the Dawn Service, Veterans, Commemoration March and Commemoration Service – is to give the participating Veterans and the general public an opportunity to honour those who served in the defence of Australia or its interests; especially remembering those who paid the supreme sacrifice or otherwise suffered as a result of their service.

A key feature of the 2015 Centenary March along Liebig Street will be the opportunity for descendants of those who served in WWI to lead the march wearing their forebears WWI medals.

To participate in this section of the march only those descendants wearing their forebears WWI medals will be able to join the "March of the Medals" contingent. These medals should be worn on the right breast, as required by protocol. All descendants are expected to wear suitable attire and follow the march protocols.

Descendants of WWI Servicemen and Woman from Other Countries

Descendants of WWI servicemen and woman from other Commonwealth or Allied countries are also urged to participate in the 2015 March.

The 2015 ANZAC Day March in Warrnambool and Commemoration Service will have some special aspects but importantly the march remains primarily a march for Veterans and serving defence force personnel. It is not procession or a parade. Accordingly only one family descendant per deceased veteran should be marching.

Those eligible to march are encouraged to take part in this historic ANZAC Centenary March and commemoration service.

Order of march

The Order of March for this year will be:

  1. Willy’s Jeep / Veterans Bus
  2. Flag Bearers
  3. March of the Medals
  4. Warrnambool Pipe Band
  5. Ex Service Woman
  6. WWII Veterans
  7. Korea / Malaya / Vietnam Veterans / National Serviceman
  8. Post 1975 Veterans including Timor, Solomon’s, Afghanistan and Iraq
  9. Support Organisations – Red Cross / Salvation Army
  10. Allied Veterans
  11. 8/7 RVR Association
  12. Air Force Cadets
  13. Guides
  14. Scouts
  15. School Groups
  16. Light Horse


The Parade Marshal will have overall responsibility for the Commemoration March. Participants should form up at 10.15am outside the Commonwealth Bank in Liebig Street before the step-off time at 10.45am.

March protocols

  1. The ANZAC Day Commemoration March is not a military parade
  2. Anyone eligible to be a member of the Returned and Services League can participate in the March
  3. The descendants of WWI veterans who have in their possession the medals of their forebears may join the parade wearing their ancestors medals (on their right breast)
  4. Next of kin and school groups are welcome to participate
  5. Veterans requiring support are encouraged to use the transport (bus) provided
  6. Marches are requested to cooperate with March marshals in the assembly area and along the route
  7. All marchers should conform to forming up and marching four abreast, unless otherwise advised by a march official
  8. Attire should be neat and tidy out of respect for the fallen
  9. Every effort should be made to keep in step and march in an orderly and respectful manner
  10. Next of kin are to wear medals on the right breast (left breast is reserved for the original recipient of the medals).


As each contingent approaches the dias (Cnr Liebig and Timor Street), the dignitaries on the dias shall take the salute from each formation leader

At the memorial, intersection of Liebig and Merri streets 

On approaching the memorial the pipe band shall proceed to the right and front of the memorial, Flag bearers to the left and rear of the memorial, Veterans' bus and descendants participating in the March of the Medals to the left side and halt; ex-service women, WWII, Korea/Malaya/Vietnam Veterans shall proceed to the right and rear of the memorial. The remainder of the parade shall fill the available space at front and sides of the memorial.

Dismissal of marches

Formations are to be dismissed once the parade has come to a halt. Room is to be made for the pipe band to move off, after they have moved off those marching may take up position around the memorial leaving sufficient room for wreath-layers to form up in the allocated area.

An under-cover area (marquee) has been set aside for Veterans requiring support. Seating is available on both the right and left sides of the memorial for Veterans only.

Some seating will be reserved for dignitaries.

Marshalls (SES) shall be place around the area and marchers and members of the general public are requested to cooperate with their directions.

March assembly

Adherence to directions from the march marshalls will deliver a well organised march that runs on time.

Commemoration service

The commemoration service will commence at the conclusion of the march, those involved in the ceremony shall take up seating at the memorial behind the lectern and those involved in the wreath laying ceremony are required to form up in order in the nominated area (front of memorial).

Note: sufficient room is also to be made available for the catafalque party to form up, march forward and take up position at the memorial at the allocated time.

Marshalls will be in place to provide direction.   

Road closures and parking

Friday 24th April 2015
 From Friday 6pm until 3pm Saturday 25th April
— Artillery Crescent
 Saturday 25th April 2015
 4am - 3pm
— Merri Street between Banyan Street and Gilles Street
— Liebig Street between Timor Street and Merri Street
 10am – 11:00am
— Liebig Street between Lava Street and Timor Street
— Koroit Street at the Liebig Street intersection
— Timor Street between Liebig Street and Gilles Street
 8:30am - 10am
— Drummond Street, Dennington between Lindsay Street and The Esplanade.
— The Esplanade between Drummond Street and The Esplanade toilet block.
 For further information please phone 0408 385 650.

There are plenty of free parking options available within a short walk of the Warrnambool War Memorial.

The Art Gallery car park off Timor St (64 car spaces) and the Mozart Hall car park off Merri St (about 75 car spaces) are both within 150m of the war memorial.

The Flagstaff Hill car park has about 150 car spaces and is about a 300m walk from the war memorial.

Free on-street parking is available within about 300m of the war memorial on Merri, Kepler, Banyan and Gilles streets.

Ozone (267 spaces) and Crammond and Dickson (107 spaces) car parks are both within 500m of the war memorial.

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