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Childcare at Florence Collins

10 tips for settling into childcare

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

With the beginning of a new year some children will be starting childcare for the first time whilst others will be returning after a long break.

Warrnambool City Council Coordinator Centre-based Childcare Sharon McKean said that this may pose challenges for some parents and children in settling back into care.

“Starting childcare can certainly be an emotional time for children,” Ms McKean said.

“Council has been involved in offering quality childcare to the Warrnambool community for the past 36 years and our experienced staff will work with you to help make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Sharon McKean’s top tips for settling into childcare:

  1. Spend time at the service with your child’s educator
  2. Talk with staff about your child’s likes, dislikes and routines
  3. Always say good bye to your child and let your child know that you are leaving
  4. Be prepared for settling to be an ongoing commitment. Some children may take longer than others to settle
  5. Send along a comforter/family photo or treasure that your child is attached to
  6. Talk to and prepare your child about where they will be going and who will be there
  7. Drive past the service to familiarise your child with the service visually
  8. Feel free to call or visit your child. Sometimes seeing or hearing a familiar voice can be very reassuring
  9. If you are breast feeding your child it is helpful to communicate to the educators what times you will be returning to assist with the routines within the room
  10. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with your child’s educator as they have a wealth of experience in settling children into care

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