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Cat Care

Registration with Council

By law, you must register a cat over three months old with Council.


Microchipping is putting a small computer chip with a unique number under the skin of your cat. The microchip tells Council the cat's owner.

How many cats can I keep?

You can keep five cats per household but by 2014 this number will be reduced to a limit of 2 cats unless a permit has been granted by Council for breeding or other purposes.

General tips on caring for a cat

  • Desex your cat if you are not using it for breeding.
  • Get vaccinations for feline flu and feline AIDS.
  • Control worms, fleas and ticks.
  • Give your cat a cosy and dry sleeping area inside.
  • Brush its coat once a week.
  • Feed it cat food regularly and make sure it always has cool clean water, and
  • Organise someone to care for your cat when you go away on holiday - you can use a registered kennel or cattery.

Keep your cat inside at night

It is dangerous for your cat and the environment to let your cat roam at night.

Between sunset and sunrise your cat may:

  • Attack wildlife such as birds.
  • Damage the environment.
  • Get hit by traffic.
  • Be injured or injure another cat in a fight.
  • Transmit diseases such as feline AIDS as a result of fighting, and
  • Spray, howl and annoy neighbours, especially during mating season.

Stop your cat from roaming at night

If your cat normally roams at night, try to change its behaviour.

  • Skip your cat’s breakfast. Call it in at the end of the day and feed it.
  • Lock your cat inside in a dry, well-aired space, for example a laundry with a bed, water and kitty litter tray.

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